5 Tips to take care of your eyelashes !

5 Tips to take care of your eyelashes !
1. Always choose a good makeup:

In the makeup market there is an endless number of products for our eyelashes, but you should always look at the quality, do not be guided by the price there are very good quality products at excellent prices, in fact many of the makeup brands contain parabens and chemicals that are not healthy for your eyelashes or for your health.

2. Remove makeup from your eyes:

This is non-negotiable, ALWAYS remove makeup from your eyes, this will help your eyelashes not to weaken and prevent premature expression lines.

3. Moisturize or Nourish your eyelashes:

We forget about our eyelashes, we carry them day by day in our eyes but we rarely take care of them, it is essential to nourish and moisturize them use a serum for eyelashes, in LA ESTETICISTA APP we have one available you should use it in the day and at night before going to sleep and once you have removed your makeup our serum, not only will help you strengthen them but in the time of 4 weeks you will see your eyelashes longer.

It is essential that you are CONSISTENT, it is not apply it once and expect a miracle, is to use it very judiciously day and night for a minimum period of 4 weeks, after using it for this period you rest for 1 month and resume to keep them strong, healthy and long.

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4. Avoid curling your eyelashes:

Frizzy or wavy eyelashes are divine, but avoid using conventional curling irons because the pressure you put on them breaks them and weakens them, we recommend you to have an eyelash lift to keep them naturally wavy.

5. Control stress:

Stress will always be our worst ally, because if we do not control it can lead us to lose hair and lose eyelashes.

But how do I combat stress?

You can meditate , exercise , do yoga and lead a healthy lifestyle in terms of your diet , remember to always stay hydrated.

These are essential TIPS to take care of your eyelashes.

Sammy Aristizábal

CEO & Founder La Esteticista App

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