Terms and Conditions

It is a necessary requirement for the acquisition of the services offered in our Application LA ESTETICISTA , that you read and accept the following Terms and Conditions that are written below. The use of our services will imply that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use herein.

These User Terms and Conditions shall apply to the use of the Service and the LA ESTETICISTA Application, as well as to any information, recommendations or services provided on the Application. Please read the User Terms and Conditions carefully before downloading the Application. By downloading the Application, you accept these terms of use and agree to be bound by them. In case you find yourself in disagreement with the terms and conditions , please refrain from downloading the Application.

Name of the Application: LA ESTETICISTA

Email: contacto@laesteticista.com


For the purposes of these User Terms, the following Definitions shall apply name :

Client: Is the end user of the services provided by Our staff (INTEGRAL ESTETICISTS).

Integral Beautician: Is the professional who will provide the service that the client requests from the application.

LA ESTETICISTA: Application or platform from where the client will take the service and the integral esthetician accepts or rejects it.

USER: Integral esthetician and Client.

Service: All services offered by LA ESTETICISTA through the Application.

Application Services : LA ESTETICISTA

The application offers a contact service where it provides its platform as a means for the Client to request aesthetic services such as: Manicure, Pedicure, Brushing, Facial Cleansing, Eyelash Extention; Integral Beautician: provide the service at home purchased by the customer.

Between LA ESTETICISTA and the integral beauticians there is no labor relationship or subjection or dependence of any legal or labor type. Through our application: LA ESTETICISTA allows the Client to register and quickly contact an integral beautician to perform the service. LA ESTETICISTA will pay a fixed commission to the integral beauticians for each service provided using the application, this commission is already included in the public price in the application.

II. Contract between Client and LA ESTETICISTA.

By using the Application you will enter into a contract with LA ESTETICISTA in order to use the Application or the Service, you must first register with THE ESTETICISTA.

You represent that you are 21  years of age or older to use the Service or the App. If you reside in a location that restricts the use of the Service or the Application on the basis of age or restricts the ability to enter into contracts such as this one on the basis of age, you must respect these age limits and refrain from using the Service and the Application.

For our TEENS service, it is important to keep in mind that LA ESTETICISTA will provide the service only if an adult or responsible adult has requested and authorized the service and at the time of service is present, otherwise LA ESTETICISTA will refrain from providing the service. This service will only be provided to young people between 11 and 17 years of age.

The Client declares that: he/she is of legal age to formalize a binding contract or that if he/she registers on behalf of a legal entity he/she is authorized to formalize and bind the same to these User Terms and Conditions and register for the Service and the Application.


If you wish to use the services of the application LA ESTETICISTA you must register as a customer, you agree to LA ESTETICISTA the requested data (basic) names, surnames, email, contact phone, address and must generate a password, if you want to make payments with your credit card must provide on the platform the requested data, your data is protected by our gateway or payment platform.

After properly complete the registration and fill out our form, LA ESTETICISTA will send you a personal account that you can access with the password of your choice. The registration will have the following conditions:

As a customer you must guarantee that the information provided to LA ESTETICISTA is accurate and complete.
LA ESTETICISTA will not be obliged to verify the information provided, however, LA ESTETICISTA will have the right to verify the information provided and to deny the use of the service without any explanation.
The application LA ESTETICISTA can only have interaction and provide the service to people with legal capacity (of legal age), those who do not have this classification, must be assisted and accompanied by their guardians.
Customer agrees that to register must pass a filter in order to be accepted by the platform LA ESTETICISTA who can cancel the user's account at any time, either by irregularities in their use or information.
LA ESTETICISTA has the right to use any legal action within its parameters to identify users with fraudulent data provided, or irregularities in its use, for this LA ESTETICISTA has the power to request extra information in order to verify certain personal information provided.
The user must protect his/her user name and password, LA ESTETICISTA is not responsible for any damage caused by third parties to his/her personal account as a user.

The user agrees to report any inconsistencies within the service provided and purchased by our platform.
How to use our application and our services in LA ESTETICISTA
Our Application, facilitates the customer to request an aesthetic service, the service is taken by an integral beautician available at the time and date requested by the user. The platform has a GPS (Google Maps), this must be downloaded to your mobile phone, note that the GPS only works for 3G, 4G, 5G mobile devices. The platform will send the service request to an integral beautician, who will accept or reject your service, if accepted the platform will notify the user information of who will perform the service, attached photo, name, phone number of the integral beautician and the estimated time in which the service will be performed.

Once the service is completed, the client will be able to rate the service received. LA ESTETICISTA will contact you in case of a bad experience.

Remember that LA ESTETICISTA only acts as an intermediary between client and integral beautician, for this reason the provision of services of our integral beauticians will be subject to the contract and agreement between client and integral beautician.

By using the platform the user accepts, likewise, that:

Download the application LA ESTETICISTA for personal use.
Protect the user data and password.
Use the application in a responsible manner with no intention of causing inconvenience, inconvenience or fraudulent attitudes.
Will provide any additional documents that may be requested to verify his identity in case of inconsistencies with his data or use of the application and service.
The personnel providing the service will be treated with respect and care.
It is the responsibility of the client to inform the integral beautician if he/she is allergic or does not tolerate certain brands of nail polish, bases, drying gloss or creams with aromas.
The legal representative of LA ESTETICISTA, will be the person responsible for compliance with the policy of protection of personal data, terms and conditions, is the person empowered to respond to any inquiry or request made by a holder of information, personal, additional platform LA ESTETICISTA has a computer who protects through a password the user's data.

LA ESTETICISTA, requires prior to registration, expressly and duly informed, the authorization by users, for this reason has made available to all users, this policy of protection of personal data, terms and conditions of the platform, which may be consulted by physical or electronic docuemnto or any other format that ensures subsequent consultation through technical tools, complying with the requirements of the law.

The client will make the payment previously accepted in the platform when requesting the service.
The customer may make the payment: Cash, credit card, PSE, Efecty, among others, the customer will accept all taxes, commissions or additional fees that credit cards or payment points are applied.
Payments received by LA ESTETICISTA will not be refunded.
LA ESTETICISTA uses an external payment gateway, who is in charge of accepting or declining your transaction.
The details of your transaction will be reported to THE ESTETICIST, who is free to check the status of your transaction.


By accepting the Terms and Conditions, by downloading the application and making use of it, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless THE ESTETICIST, its managers, employees, developers, lawyers from any claims, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including attorneys' fees and expenses) for any reason whatsoever:

Your improper use of the application or service.
Improper treatment of the personnel providing the service.
Failure to comply with the provisions of any applicable law or regulation applicable to the breach or violation of any of the foregoing.
VIII. Development of the service:

In order for the integral esthetician to provide you with a good service. THE ESTETICIST requests that you as a Client take into account the following points at the time of the service beforehand.

Manicure and Pedicure: You as a client must provide water, have a suitable place where both the beautician and client are comfortable.

Manicure and Pedicure TEENS: Must always be present an adult, responsible or guardian, otherwise the manicurist is free to cancel the service, to perform the service teens the guardian must provide water for the service to be successful.

eyelash extension: The client must have an adequate space, a sofa or reclining chair in which both client and beautician are comfortable for the service, keep in mind that this service can last from 1 (one) to 2 (two) hours.