Frequent questions

If you have an additional question you can communicate by sending a message to the email

You can download the app on your cell phone if you have Apple or Android, or you can contact us: In Colombia at our WhatsApp +57 3125901535, in Miami at our number +7867389738.

When your service is manicure or pedicure, the only thing you must have is hot water to carry out your service, the rest we take.

We currently have operations in Bogotá, Chía, Cota, Cajicá and Miami (USA)

In Colombia you can contact our WhatsApp +57 3125901535, in Miami at our number +7867389738 or if you prefer to our email

It is advisable to schedule your service 1 to 2 days in advance, with the intention of correctly organizing the logistics to arrive at your service on the day and time of your choice.

Yes, you can cancel it.. We recommend 1 or 2 days in advance so that our professionals can take another service.

If your concern is to open the door of your house to someone you don't know, don't worry, our staff has been previously selected with a high categorization and we have carried out a very thorough filter.

All of our beauticians have a biosafety protocol, have a biosafety certificate endorsed by the national government, and don't worry about vaccination, it is mandatory for them to have the full COVID vaccination schedule.

Since before COVID, due to biosecurity, it is essential to use masks to prevent infections or viruses as common as the flu, our professionals must always use masks.

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